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I can find you a better price on your electric bill. I work with many different providers to find the best solution for your needs.

ere are some facts:
*The US Department of Energy says that over 100 million US homes are under-insulated
*42% of home energy loss happens through the roof
*The US Department of Energy recommends your attic have an R-value of R38- R60, and most homes fall short of this
Benefits of the eShield Attic Energy Barrier:
*State-of-the-art foil laminating technology
*Stops 97% of radiant transfer, the leading cause of energy loss
*Guaranteed to save you at least 25% on your heating and cooling costs
*Works for the life of your home without settling, condensation or mildew
*Safe, Maintenance-free, fiber-free, and non-allergenic
*Usually pays for itself faster than any other home investment
*Qualifies for the 2009-2010 Federal Energy Tax Credit. The government will help you pay for this product, up to $1500
*Certified by the US Department of Energy

alue vs E-Value
value measures only the resistance to conduction and convection, but almost all of the energy lost in your home is through emission or radiant heat transfer. E-value is the ability to prevent radiant heat transfer. This factor is far more important than R-value in evaluating an insulation system for your home. eShield Attic Energy Barrier has much higher E-value than any form of mass insulation.


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